Ability360 offers and promotes programs designed to empower people with disabilities to take personal responsibility so that they may achieve or continue independent lifestyles within the community. Ability360 is one of five Centers for Independent Living in Arizona, and the largest Center in the state.  Ability360 advocates personal responsibility – by, and for, people with disabilities – as a means to independence.  Programs are designed to help consumers achieve self-sufficiency.  In addition to the four core service areas, Ability360 provides and promotes numerous other programs and services that help consumers achieve an independent lifestyle.

Arizona Spinal Cord Injury Association
The Arizona Spinal Cord Injury Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with spinal cord injuries. Our goal is to promote physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional and social recovery. The Association focuses on peer support, family support, and education of consumers, families, caregivers and professionals. We also link consumers and families with vocational, social and recreational resources.

Don Kreb’s Access to Recreation
Don Krebs, President Hello, my name is Don Krebs, and as the president and founder of Access to Recreation, I would like to welcome you to our web site. Browse through our site, I think you will find the equipment both innovative and interesting. I want you to order with complete confidence, knowing that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Embracing Your Space: for Spinal Injury
Spinal cord injury changes life for you and your family. However, you can take steps that will help you to adapt to change and use a wide array of resources in Chicago and throughout Illinois to tackle the challenges ahead.

Local Business – Dignified Motors
Dignified Motors is owned and operated by David Aitchison, a degreed mechanical engineer with a successful career in product design and development, and a wheelchair user for more than 25 years. David’s insight and drive for exceptional products allowed him to service companies such as Intel, Motorola, Braun-ThemoScan, Ford, GM and others. David is focused on servicing the mobility industry through strategic partnerships.

Local Business – Driving To Independence
Driving To Independence is to facilitate mobility and independence in the community through safe driver skills. Driving To Independence provides comprehensive Driver Evaluation, Training, Vehicle Assessment and Recommendations specific to each driver’s needs.

Vesco Metal Craft
Vesco Metal Craft was established in 1994. Back then we specialized in custom fabrication. It wasn’t until 2000 that we became involved with the wheelchair industry; and with over 50% of the 2004 U.S. National team in our chairs, we have already proven to be a leader in Sport-wheelchair manufacturing.

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Chris Fleace’s Coach Brad McFadden states “Chris started playing rugby approximately year ago. He has always played in a hand-me-down chair that is more than 10 years old and has been rewelded multiple times. The chair is too small and does not fit him well. Despite this he has been dedicated and works out and trains multiple times throughout the week outside of regularly scheduled practices. The Joe Jackson Foundation grant to purchase a new rugby wheelchair will make a huge difference in Chris’s performance and I believe will also encourage him to train even harder. He is someone who deserves this opportunity and he is someone who truly appreciates it as well. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who has helped make this happen.


When I received the JoeJackson grant i was extremely excited. I couldn’t wait to get my chair and start practicing. Ever since i received the grant and my chair my skills have improved majorly. I am now a much faster and stronger .5 than i was when I started. Also not only that my way of life has tremendously changed because of having a new chair and keeping up with the sport. I can now say i can take care of myself completely which was not the case when i started but was definitely a goal. And i owe it all to the grant and the sport of wheelchair rugby for making me a much stronger person. I am truly grateful for receiving the Joe Jackson grant it has done nothing but open doors for me and there’s nothing better than multiple opportunities.


Jarret’s Dreyer
The chair that your organization provided for me opened up a lot opportunities for me. It was the first chair that was properly measured for me which allowed me to really advance and play better rugby. It allowed me to train better and ultimately help me advance to a level which I was able to make the national development team. That wouldn’t of been possible of not for chair that you provided for me.