Individual Grant Scholarships

Provides scholarships to other individuals living with paralysis who may not have the means or insurance to receive necessary adaptive sport or recreational equipment. All proceeds of the “I Can…” wristbands and annual fundraiser are used to fund these scholarships.

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Driving is Freedom

Provides support for people living with paralysis by funding driving equipment such as hand controls, spinner knobs, driving evaluation and fifty percent financial support for driving lessons.

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Discovering Scuba

Provides adaptive scuba diving assistance that allows SCI and others living with paralysis to discover scuba and obtain access to scuba dive equipment and activities by engaging in new exciting opportunities. The partnership with Saguaro Scuba allows this to be a new exciting program which is developed and designed by Scuba Diving Instructions strictly for individuals living with paralysis to evaluate if diving is an option for them.

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When I received the JoeJackson grant i was extremely excited. I couldn’t wait to get my chair and start practicing. Ever since i received the grant and my chair my skills have improved majorly. I am now a much faster and stronger .5 than i was when I started. Also not only that my way of life has tremendously changed because of having a new chair and keeping up with the sport. I can now say i can take care of myself completely which was not the case when i started but was definitely a goal. And i owe it all to the grant and the sport of wheelchair rugby for making me a much stronger person. I am truly grateful for receiving the Joe Jackson grant it has done nothing but open doors for me and there’s nothing better than multiple opportunities.